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Main office number: (760) 946-7000             General email box:

Staff Name




Adnan Anabtawi Imported Water and Engineering Manager (760) 946-7059 send email
Allison Febbo General Manager (760) 946-7058 send email

Arlynn Caasi

Administrative Assistant

(760) 946-7050

send email

Beth Naval-Go Accountant (760) 946-7005 send email

Brian Hammer

Senior WR Data Analyst

(760) 946-7029

send email

Carolyn Snay
(760) 946-7051
Charlene Engeron Public Information Officer (760) 946-7001 send email
Chris Pattison Water Systems Operator II (760) 946-7065 send email

Christy Huiner

Senior Water Resources Planning Analyst

(760) 946-7066

send email

Cristina Sedano Watermaster Specialist II(760) 946-7024 send email

Curtis Croteau

Senior Water Systems Operator

(760) 946-7034

send email

Dalila Boice Water Resources Specialist II (760) 946-7019 send email
Dalila Lozano Administrative Assistant (760) 946-7025 send email

David Ogborn

Network Administrator

(760) 946-7062

send email

David Seielstad

Senior WR Data Analyst

(760) 946-7028

send email

Deronda Smith Senior Administrative Assistant (760) 946-7020 send email
Doug Kerns Water Systems Operator Supervisor(760) 946-7036 send email
Emmett Campbell
Assistant Engineer
(760) 946-7068
send email
Frederick Murphy III
Water Systems Operator II
(760) 946-7033 send email
Hunter Lent Water Systems Operator I (760) 946-7064 send email

Jeff Ruesch

Watermaster Services Manager

(760) 946-7027

send email

Karry LaClair Accounting Manager (760) 946-7014 send email
Kapo Coulibaly
Water Resources Principal Hydrogeologist

(760) 946-7016

send email

Kyle Peña
Water Resources Specialist II
(760) 946-7031 send email
La Trici Jones
Executive Assistant
(760) 946-7002
send email
Lynne Chaimowitz
Chief Financial Officer
(760) 946-7022
send email
Matt Johnson Water Resources Specialist II (760) 946-7032
send email
Melody Bailey
Water Resources Supervisor
(760) 946-7030
send email
Mike Simpson Director of Operations (760) 946-7035 send email

Monica Warren

Human Resources Manager

(760) 946-7003

send email

Nancy Komai
Administrative Assistant
(760) 946-7055 send email
Nicholas Schneider
Senior Legislative and Conservation Manager
(760) 946-7038 send email
Patrick Nordin
Water Systems Operator II
(760) 946-7015
send email
Robert Hampson Water Resources Hydrogeologist (760) 946-7061 send email
Robert McCall II
Senior Water Systems Operator
(760) 946-7047 send email

Tony Winkel

Water Resources Principal Hydrogeologist

(760) 946-7037

send email

Trevor Samorajski
Information Systems Manager (760) 946-7023 send email

Valerie Wiegenstein

Director of Basin Management and Resource Planning

(760) 946-7056

send email

Wesley Massoll
Water Resources Hydrogeologist
(760) 946-7017
send email
Yvonne Cox Interim Assistant General Manager (760) 946-7067 send email
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