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Long-range planning is key to the success of the MWA. Planning for future water supplies well in advance of water needs is critical for the sustainability  of high-growth areas such as the High Desert. Our planning documents guide management actions to sustain the region's water resources.

Key Planning Documents

2020 Urban Water Management Plan Final
The UWMP evaluates trends in population, water use, and water supplies within the MWA service area for a 45-year planning period through the year 2065.  The basic question answered by the Plan is "does MWA have adequate water supplies to meet forecast demands through the planning period?"

2015 Urban Water Management Plan

An update to the 2010 Urban Water Management Plan, this document provides a framework for action and acts as a general guide for water management.

2015 Urban Water Management Plan

2010 Urban Water Management Plan

2015 Mojave Salt and Nutrient Management Plan

In February 2009, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) adopted the Recycled Water Policy to encourage and provide guidance for the use of recycled water in California. The Recycled Water Policy also requires local water and wastewater entities, together with local salt and nutrient contributing stakeholders, to develop a Salt and Nutrient Management Plan (SNMP) in a cooperative and collaborative manner for each groundwater basin in California, to manage salts, nutrients, and other significant chemical compounds on a basin-wide basis.

2014 Mojave Region Integrated Regional Water Management Plan

An update to the 2004 Regional Water Management Plan, the 2014 IRWM Plan sets a vision for the future of water management in the High Desert.  This water needs assessment, developed by a Project Team with broad stakeholder input, identifies current regional water resource management needs and issues, and evaluates strategies for addressing the Region's challenges. (More about IRWMP)

2014 Mojave Region Integrated Regional Water Management Plan - Final

Appendices A- H (zipped folder)

2004 Regional Water Management Plan

The RWMP provides a road map for a long-term, balance water supply in the region. The Plan was developed in collaboration with local stakeholders, such as water and wastewater agencies, and evaluates potential water supply projects and programs that provide regional benefit.  The IRWMP also provides a basis for acquiring State and Federal funding for local water supply and management projects.
Regional Water Management Plan
Environmental Impact Report
Supplement A (2005 Urban Water Management Plan)

Deep Creek Hydroelectric Project

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