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These datasets are available for use in Google Earth or with ESRI ArcGis.  
All files are downloadable zip files (if your computer is not equipped with an unzip utility you may get a free unzip program here).
To use KML files, Google Earth must be installed on the user's computer. If not installed download Google Earth here. To open Google Earth files, click on the icon and SAVE the zipped file.  Open the folder where the zipped file was saved, and double-click on the file, then double-click on the .kml file in the window that opens.  This will launch the Google Earth application and display the file.

To use Shapefiles, ESRI software must be installed on the user's computer.  This is a professional GIS program which must be purchased and installed.  Please see the ESRI  website for more details.





Mojave River Active Channel (2005)

River course as defined in 2005

Mojave River Thalweg (2005)

River centerline as defined in 2005

MWA Boundaries
MWA regional area

MWA Adjudicated Subareas

Subareas subject to Mojave Basin Adjudication

MWA Subareas
All subareas in regional area

MWA Director Divisions

Political boundaries

Water Purveyors MWA region Boundaries and contact information for water purveyors located in MWA region

Average Area Precipitation (1980-2010)

Precipitation data made available by  PRISM Climate Group, Oregon State University

California Groundwater Basins and Subbasins - Bulletin 118
Groundwater basins and subbasins California's Groundwater Bulletin 118

California Groundwater Basins and Subbasins - Bulletin 118, MWA region

Groundwater basins and subbasins within MWA regional boundaries -  a subset of California's Groundwater Bulletin 118

CalWater 2.2.1

Watersheds within MWA regional boundaries - a subset of  CalWater 2.2.1 watersheds

CA Geological Survey Faults, Statewide

Earthquake faults in California, California Geological Survey

CA Geological Survey Faults, MWA region

Earthquake faults, MWA region

Geospatial Disclaimer:  The Mojave Water Agency has provided these GIS maps and data sets as an information resource for the public.  Every reasonable effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the maps and other information contained on this website.  However, these maps and other information are only as accurate as the source of such maps and other information.  Further, the maps and other information on this website are updated only periodically and therefore may not reflect the most current information.

ADA Disclaimer
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