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Verified Water Production Estimated Amounts by Type of Use
Mojave Basin Area Watermaster records verified water production annually, by water year, for all adjudicated subareas of the Mojave Water Agency region.  These estimates are based on amounts as reported by the Watermaster in Appendix B of the Annual Report, and on information contained in the Water Production Files maintained by the Mojave Water Agency.  These uses include:

  • Agricultural - water production for irrigation of alfalfa, pasture and orchard.      

  • Municipal - water production by mutual water companies, municipal water districts, private purveyors, County Service Areas and domestic users.      

  • Golf Course - water production for golf course irrigation and maintenance.      

  • Industrial - water production by industrial users including gravel operations, cement companies and electric power generation companies.      

  • Recreational - water production to offset evaporation and other uses by recreational and ornamental lakes in Baja and parks in Alto and Centro.    


Mojave Water Agency Adjudicated Subareas

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