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2018 High Desert Water Summit
Essay Contest
California’s water supply is very volatile due to unpredictable weather, population, and other, such as, the recent damage to the Oroville Dam spillway. In light of this, careful stewardship of water resources has never been more important.
One source of water that is being contemplated more and more is recycled water. Water is recycled naturally; however, the thought of recycled “wastewater” can cause concern among residents.

Essay Assignment: Develop a public education program/campaign around the theme of Taking the “yuck” factor out of drinking recycled water. The essay should include the following: a problem statement, background on recycled water including the process, identification of the target audience or audiences, and a brand slogan encouraging people to drink recycled water.

Note: The three finalists will be tasked with reworking their essays as a speech.

Contest Rules:
1. Open to students living in the Mojave Water Agency boundaries enrolled in grades 9-12 in public, private, or home school. (Past finalists are not eligible.) Maximum age: 18.
2. All essays must be received by 5 p.m. on November 2, 2017 by email to Gloria Golike at Please submit in Word or pdf format. Make sure your name and school is on your essay as well.
3. The completed essay must meet a minimum of 550 words and not exceed 900 words. (Titles, headers, etc. are not included in the word count.)
4. In addition to the essay, you must include a short video clip of yourself that you can do via your cell phone, which includes introducing yourself, the city/town you live in, name of your school, your grade level, and briefly what you learned while writing the essay.
5. The top three finalists must agree to work with a community mentor/coach to polish their presentation and must present (verbal) their essay to a selection panel in front of a small audience, which may include family. If chosen as the winning entry, he/she must agree to appear and present their essay at the February 2, 2018 Innovators High Desert Water Summit at High Desert Church on Hook Blvd. in Victorville.

6. Essays will be judged on creativity, use of current technologies, and examples of community collaboration, as well as writing.
7. The winner will receive a scholarship of $3,000 and the remaining two finalists will each receive a scholarship of $1,000.
8. The top three finalists must agree to participate in an MWA produced video.
9.  All entries become the property of the Mojave Water Agency.

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